Dome project process

odome prides itself on its innovative solutions and with our vastly expanding partner network, who work on a large range of different applications. Due to us and our partners pushing the limits of dome technology we are at the top of our game when it comes project consultancy, you have an idea, we will make it possible! Whether renting or purchasing our consultancy process will be as followed.. 

You have an idea of a great immersive environment! you get in touch! 

After an initial phonecall we will be very eager to show you what our domes can do and we will arrange a demo date. Our domes are very portable, you can come our grounds or alternativly we can bring it to you! (certain floor space required) 

Initial demo

After viewing the dome you will have a much clearer idea of what can be achieved! this gives us the perfect chance to brainstorm! 


Once we have a clear idea of your project, we will advise on the most efficent dome solution and and content issues. 

As with alot of dome projects, it might be a world first! In these cases you will have to let us see whats physically possible and how we can expand current technology limits! 

Present research, content and proposed system solution

Decide whether the solution is right for you! 


The system is fully constructed and tested, you will be invited to test days!


Dropped off you proposed location.

Continuous support

We dont want to just leave you with the dome, Once you have it, we want to develop it with you! 

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