Geodesic Domes

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Our Geodesic domes are extremely flexible and of modular design with extensive equipment options. Domes can be opaque or transparent and we offer full branding on the domes as well as the option to include the projection canvas for immersive spectaculars or without to be used as mobile structures supremely ideal for brand engagement, 360° showcases and far-reaching events.


Whilst Geodomes remain an expensive option throughout the industry, our dedication to providing cost-effective and accessible 360° solutions allows us to create an innovative and considered option for SME's as well as large corporations. Further to this we offer worldwide support through our network of partners to ensure you can rest assured, from projection support to installation and dismantle, we have you covered. 


        Geodome includes:

  • Steel Structure

  • Fixings

  • Steel alloys for assembling the structure

  • Steel entrance arch

  • Unique tensioning system

  • Ventilation holes

  • PVC door with lock

  • Installation instructions + video

odome Geodome 30

Surface Area 30m²

Diameter 6.2m

Height 3.8m

Standing Capacity 48

Seated 23

odome Geodome 50

Surface Area 50m²

Diameter 8m

Height 4m

Standing Capacity 70

Seated 32

odome Geodome 75

Surface Area 75m²

Diameter 9.5m

Height 4.75m

Standing Capacity 114

Seated 54

odome Geodome 110

Surface Area 110m²

Diameter 12m

Height 6m

Standing Capacity 160

Seated 75

odome Geodome 150

Surface Area 154m

Diameter 14m

Height 7.85m

Standing Capacity 195

Seated 110

odome Geodome 300

Surface Area 280m²

Diameter 19m

Height 9.8m

Standing Capacity 456

Seated 283

odome Geodome 500

Surface Area 515m²

Diameter 25m

Height 12.5m

Standing Capacity 980

Seated 600

odome Geodome 700

Surface Area 706m²

Diameter 30m

Height 15m

Standing Capacity 1075

Seated 700

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