Our CAVE environments are supremely mobile and easily deployable solutions that can be as small or as large as you please, most commonly used indoors for exemplary quality and immersion. Our environments vary from cylinders to cubes or even quarter-domes. CAVE's are a very handy tool indeed for many industries but all to often they are extremely costly and not always convenient. Enveloping you in a world of your choice, they are often the first-choice of many Universities and also engineers, manufacturers and developers to enhance product development, visualisation and simulations. Prototypes can be tested, interfaces developed and layouts can be simulated without any expenditure on physical components. 

Whilst CAVE's are also ideal for stakeholder engagement, our ability to produce either air-based or framed structures means that whatever your requirements we guarantee to offer the most convenient and effective, tailored solution. 

CAVE's notoriously are custom structures and as such there are very few limitations whilst the option to incorporate 360 sound and interactivity are often the decisive factors, yet whilst these are available in all our 30 structures  

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