odome Technology

Our 360° technology allows projections of all shapes and sizes to become effortless. Through our software, calibration becomes automated and standalone with a simple transition for any 360° footage in any format, whilst our state-of-the-art dual-laser projectors use innovative technology to ensure you capture every detail be it an a Customised AV Environment, Dome or Simulator on any scale.

odome Media Processor

The odome Media Processor is the heartbeat of our operation, and combines high-performance graphics, with highly capable computing ability for an industrial grade system designed purposefully for any projection installation with a simple, functional interface and compact form. 

360° Software

Whatever solution you need, to make your content full 360 ready is going to require some degree of conversion. At odome we have developed our own techniques for content conversion to large-scale 360, by combining various requiremenets we have extremely versatile software developed by us for our systems that work along with any format, file or data type so whether you have film or just ideas, your full 360° cinema is not far away.


New Technology

Sharing VR is much easier than it sounds and allows you to capture and create content cheaply, and more effectively yet share it and envelope 10's, 100's or even thousands of users without limitations of an individual 360° VR headset, but combining both platforms generates exceptional engagement and benefits to both the user and creator. We can even create systems combining different realities to interact with and absorb your guests in completely new ways. 

Our technology is very much the key to getting your message across by deploying emerging technologies to generate wholly new experiences for users, our systems are designed to bring the cost considerably down for all types of corporate budgets with an efficient process from initial design ideas to developing new systems and events collaboratively, our technology supports you.

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