Naturally, our installations raise questions as well as eyebrows, so here our FAQ's.

The weather... what about the weather? All odome's environments are fully water/weatherproof and can withstand winds up to 20mph. Depending on the environment we use a range of techniques from ground anchors, weighted systems and aerodynamics to ensure the show will always go on. We use specialist commercial PVC that is not just UV resistant but also mildew, bacteria and oil resistant.


What resolution can i project? Our content will be in a 1:1 aspect ratio and as standard is ( 1200 x 1200 or WUXGA) this can be increased for intense graphics performance (if required).

I have size restrictions? Whether purchasing or hiring for the weekend, we can adjust structures, or even create full custom-builds so let us know what you have to spare and we'll let you know a solution.

Is there any shadow from the projector? No, not one bit! The projector mount is fully adjustable, projector can be low for sitting shows and raised up above head height for standing shows. Our unique configuration also means that you won't miss out on completely immersive full-sphere projections as our projector(s) are mounted from the floor and not the ceiling.

Does it get hot inside the dome (on the rare English summers day)? No, we use industrial air conditioning units to ensure the air inside stays fresh. We have also built the domes to to gain from a unique airflow system, whilst all structures (Geodesic, Air or CAVE) are designed and finished in a specialist canvas to reflect sunlight.

How much power does a dome need? Usually not much, air domes' require more due to the inflator requirements (1.5KVA/inflator). However almost all of our installations run off standard mains power, most commonly 6-8 plugs.

What is an odome made out of? All domes come as standard with a PVC all-weather outer skin, whilst the internal projection canvas is a specialist lightweight PVC variant.

How many people are needed to install an odome? odome's up to 10m can be installed with just 2-people in a single hour. This also includes system installation.


What about branding? With any purchase or hire of an odome we understand the importance of your brand, and so there is no additional cost for branding; send us your artwork and we'll do the rest.


Do you do flooring? Yes, we are big fans of Astro-turf at odome, not only does it bring texture but also practicality in a realistic form. Alternatively we also offer exhibition wooden flooring to complete the look of any corporate or private event.

What other extras are available? We can accommodate almost any requirement thanks to our fantastic range of partners, so if you need audio, furnishings or technology then we can help you with that too! We also offer a range of sensory additions to improve a wonderous experience and adorn your event(s).

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