Immerse You. In Anything. 

Our experience spans a variety of industries, so we usually have a very good idea of where you're coming from. We are a young company with big ideas (and plenty of them), leading the way in pushing the boundaries of 360° showcases and structures, their development and collaboration with other technologies.


It's all about accessibility. How easy is it to get hold of the technology? And how easy is it to put the technology together? How easy is it to develop the technology? And how can we make this work for all budgets? 

These are just some of the questions we asked. And we found answers, but we found problems with these answers, and so, we embarked on creating the odome. 


We found is that there is no current "easy" or "simple"  solutions and with the rise of 360° technology and the vast array of creative technology-based industries sprawling, that a practical, mobile and most critically new platform was needed. Welcome to odome.

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